Better Than Skinny Feels


You tell me

That nothing tastes

As good as skinny feels.

But my 16th birthday cake

Tastes better
Than choking on vomit feels.

Pizza boats with my friend

Tastes better

Than this heart monitor feels.

Mozzarella sticks

Tastes better

Than dry skin feels.

Do not tell me
I am only beautiful
If I meet the requirements of

  • My thighs do not touch

  • You can see my hip bones

  • My BMI is less than 18

This beauty cannot be measured by a scale

A tape measure

A number

I am infinitely beautiful

My body is a galaxy of cells
My freckles are stars
My scars are constellations
I am a universe
I am beautiful


I will not allow my insecurities
Be a profit to a billion dollar industry

That tells me that I am not enough

That tells me the best way to starve myself

The best way to die

I am more than what they think I am

I am a god damn galaxy


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