This Is For The Better


I never would have put you through this,

If I knew how much misery it'd bring.

Did I simply persuade you amiss?

Or did the mockingbird falsely sing?

Don't refuse your true feelings;

I can be your guide.

You're having trouble dealing,

With these emotions you often hide.

So if you leave tonight,

State all you have to say,

To at least make things right,

Before we go separate ways.

Isn't this what you wanted?

The two of use like a dream.

But now you're being haunted,

By simplicity's little scheme.

Maybe I've done too much sweet talk,

Luring like a candy store,

On that day at the boardwalk,

Reeling you in for more.

You know you should just take a chance,

And fall in love with me,

To feel the love spell of romance,

That'll repair you integrity.


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