Tue, 04/23/2013 - 19:38 -- KanohoL


United States
37° 36' 29.412" N, 98° 47' 31.8624" W

Children screaming,
Angels crying,
Can't believe that they're all dying.
Five to ten,
Ten to fifteen,
Age doesn't matter,
The blood was washed cleaned.
Nightmares are haunting,
The nation is shocked,
How could someone so young,
Enter a school with a glock?
Trapped and scared,
Nowhere to go,
Another shot rings out,
It becomes a show.
Who will die first?
Who will die last?
Police sirens ring,
But that's part of the past.
Candles are lit,
Even death shakes his head.
These innocent beings,
How could they be dead?
Angels sing,
Families cry,
Heavens doors open,
But a gun bill is denied.


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