The Best I Can Be

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 03:00 -- Kontrol
One, two, three, parents pressuring him to be the best he can be
Four, five, six, all these years, he's been put into a fix
Seven, eight, nine, he better listens or else he won't make a dime
Seconds turned into minutes, days turned into months
How much more can he waste until he tells them, "I'm done."?
Just a kid growing up, reaching for someone else's dream
Never did it seem, he has a choice to make a different scheme
Making friends with people was confusing as fuck
Tried to fit in, tried to stand out, but no such luck
Don't know what these kids want, but forever they will judge
He's afraid, "He's weak", he's quiet, "He's a freak!"
Don't know what to do, but he's got to stand up and tell them, "You're a fool!"
One day, he'll be great
One day, he'll be big
One day, he'll show all of them just how capable he is
But, until then, he'll go somewhere else
He'll pay no mind to them, 
And when the next time they bump into each other,
He'll say, "What? You still wear size 5? I wear size 8 now."
Time has moved on, and it's up to us to figure out what's going on
As some will find the answers, some will stay looking forever


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