Best Friends/Battle Buddies

You know what's awesome?

Going out to eat tacos with your best friend in the middle of the night.

Or just lying in an empty field on your backs looking at the stars and talking about life.

But you know what else is awesome?

When it's you and your battle buddy's turn to pull security and you share an MRE.

Or just lying in the prone whispering about your families back home.


You know what's awesome?

Deciding to go for a run today because you feel inspired. It's almost beach season you know.

It's even better when your best friend decides to go with you so you can both match this year.

But you know what else is awesome?

Getting up at 3 in the morning for some PT even though it rained last night.

Its even better when you're halfway through the prep drills and you look up to see you and your battle buddy have matching mud stains.


You know what's awesome?

Being there for your best friend when they're feeling down and overwhelmed.

And even though you're not in their shoes, you understand.

But you know what else is awesome?

Being there for your battle buddy when they miss home...because you know how they feel. You            miss home too....


You know what's awesome?

Passing that math test you were worried about.

Your professor pushed you and told you that you COULD do it.

But you know what else is awesome?

Passing that training.

Your sergeant pushed you and told you that you BETTER do it.


You know what's awesome?

Waking up everyday with the sun and having a plan for the day.

Ready to take on the day.

You know what else is awesome?

Waking up everyday before the sun and having the day planned for you.

Ready to tackle the day.     


Wheather best friend or battle buddy, 

what's awesome are little things in life. 

Little things in everyday life that make up big lives. 

That is what's awesome.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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