Best Friend

Remember those talks we had

while the moon sat high in the sky of our

impossible plans

for our future together.


We were determined to be in the

front seats of Russia 2018,

at Madison Square Garden as we started off 2019,

and to go back to our common roots in 2020.


All these glorious plans after

walking across that stage together, but

we’re never got there.

We needed one more year to go.


That is, until you became determined to

destroy me and

make my life impossible, for

a mysterious reason.


It had nothing to do with your jealousy,

or not even because of my

way of being so controlling.

I just wanted to protect you.


Didn’t you get it?

No one but me

would ever be good enough

for my best friend.


It may have been obvious, but

I could not comprehend that this

friendship was too deep into the ruins

to be fixed.


Thanks for being my best friend.

You taught me that some things are simply out of my control.

I have to let you go, but just know:

I don’t hate you as much as you hate me.

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