Benjamin's Lament


Let me tell you a story about drunk driving

this is the real truth there's no silver lining

and the end result left a family in pain crying.

Ben was a kind hearted guy

his family called him up, said they wanted him to stop by

all he wanted to do was come and say hi 

but little did he know this would be the day that he died.

It was a cold night, and it was dark outside

the traffic was backed up,  far and wide.

He didn't notice the SUV that was about to collide

and in a blink of an eye his life was denied

Michael, the man that committed the crime

stepped out of his SUV without  a scratch like everything was fine

he didn't care that he just  ended someone's life line.

When the family got the news all they felt was numbness

they couldn't rest until they served some justice

but little did they know it was a faulty judge that they trusted.

Michael got sentenced  to four years, for a murder.

he posted bail, threw the judge a few rolls of quarters

it's amazing how money even prevails over law and order.


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