Mon, 01/13/2014 - 01:22 -- Axadn


No father
mother here 
but really there
I am here
but really
or really nurture?
what if I look one way
and act another
assume I'm one thing
and I'm another?
not Mexican
father was never here
not White
My mother didnt care
my friends were all Chinese, but
I'm not Asian 
not in my genes
I look white, but
dont identify
I'm not a racist
its just hard to try
I dont belong
they find me odd
no culture
to call my own
no community 
really my home
Am I alone?
We all want to belong
In this global melting pot
we sometimes got lost
I thought I knew 
when I was with friends
Alone again, 
I see it all depends
Maybe, one day ,
I'll find it


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