Being a Teacher


I will not be a millionaire by the time it is all said and done

But I hope to have touched at least one single life

Whether that be a child, or a parent of a struggling child

Being a teacher, it is not made for everyone

You have to be patient, you have to be willing

You put in long hours, you take your time

You look at the faces that surround you everyday

Just one smile or compliment could change their way


Being a teacher, it is not made for everyone

It’s a choice; it is not a last resort

When you love something this much, there is no changing your mind

The look of someone learning something new

It would make you realize you have an impact

I want the children to look back at their elementary days

And realize all their  teacher wanted, was to make a difference

We encourage learning, we encourage change

We strive for you to be better

This may not be in the job description

But this single gesture, someone with a kind heart

Just wants you to make a change in the world, be it small or big


This may seem deeper then what a teacher might do

As a teacher I hope to be an impact in your life

But I know the difference my students will make in my life without even knowing

Being a teacher, is not made for everyone

But I know it is my future, my dream, and my passion


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