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Luis Vargas

Battles by: Luis V

Battles are real

Our military battles everyday for our country

We all battle spiritually

I battled with my depression

I battled with God

Deciding if I wanted to continue to live

Or if I wanted to die 

But I’m still here

Standing on my own two feet 

I’m still here roaming around the earth 

I’m not sorry for those who wanted me dead 

I’m not sorry for the things I say 

I’m not sorry for being real 

I’m not sorry for anything 

I am sorry that I dug myself a hole 

I am sorry that I went through depression

But battles are real 

I battled with my demons 

It wasn’t easy that’s for sure 

There were days that I had sleepless nights

There were days where I kept myself up so I wouldn’t close my eyes 

Because I was afraid to die 

I was afraid of not waking up

I’m still afraid of not waking up one day

But battles are real 

Battles physically, metnally, and Spiritually

Battles are real. 



new poem 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

battles, the spiritual warfare is real

remember that the vicotry has already been won by Jesus in going to the cross

read 2 Timothy 2:1-11


rememeber, that you're not alone

God is with you

i'll there with you alongside

Luis Vargas

Kids by: Luis V

This world is crazy now and days 

You got kids killing themselves 

You got kids cutting lines on their arms 

You got kids getting killed by drive by’s 

What the hell is wrong with this world 

I can’t take this pain anymore 

This needs to end 

I’m scared to have kids now 

I mean come on these are our future generations

And they’re killing themselves 

They’re cutting lines on their arms

They’re being raped 

They’re getting gunned down 

They’re going to heaven way too early

People are digging graves for these kids  

You got kids saying goodbye 

Leaving sucide notes behind 

They’re not living their life to the fullest 

I’m done with this life

I’m done with humanity 

God please just take me home

I can’t stand here and watch this anymore

Nobody’s doing anything about this crap

And it’s hurting my heart 

It’s giving me anxiety 

Wondering if I’m next 

Leave me wondering if I need to carry a gun on me now 

I know your my protector God 

But look at these kids 

Cutting themselves

Hoping to die  

Killing themselves 

Opening the gates of hell 

Kids addicted to pornography at a young age

I can’t do this anymore God 

I need you to take me home 

I need you to keep me in your arms 

I need to walk through those pearly gates

I can’t stay here on the sidelines 

Watching these future generations

Ending their own lives 

Or trying to end their own lives 

God I’m pleading with you

End this please 

End this pain in my heart 

Or just take me home because I can't stand it anymore 

new poem 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i understand what you're saying

it's very powerful

He knows your grievances-Be still and know that God is exalted and reigns in Heavens and Earth

Psalm 46:10


be the difference maker

check out my youtube video last night, very powerful

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