Being Poetically Correct Part 68-new video

the truth of 666 by MVP-Most Valuable Poet

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This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Luis Vargas

Trials and Tribulations by: Luis V

Through the trials and tribulations I questioned my faith

I questioned my loyalty to God

I questioned if he was even there 

I even dug myself a grave and made myself a casket 

I feel my soul crying for help

I feel my body feeling the effects of that 

My body starts to get heavy 

My heart starts to ache 

These youth killing other youth

Is giving me anxiety 

I need a gun to protect myself

I’m not safe on these streets 

I try to keep it 100 

But the people that love me helped me realize that I’m not alone 

That God is with me 

They took me out of the whole that I dug 

I hear the lord saying my name 

But I read my tombstone 

It says RIP Luis V

A good kid, a gentle soul, tried to live life to the fullest.

With Jeremiah 29:11 engraved underneath the words 

But these youths killing youths is giving me anxiety 

I look at the blue pill in my right hand 

I see what my life would be like 

Life in sin

Life with no escape 

I look at the red pill in my left hand 

I see my life at peace 

I see my relationship with my father repaired

I see my relationship with Jesus repaired 

Which pill do I take?

I take the red pill

But for right now my life is in the blue pill

I need a gun

These youth on the streets out here 

Killing their own kind 

Killing senior citizens 

I constantly have to look over my shoulder

To make sure I’m not next

I need a gun

new poem brother 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i sympathize with your concerns

you don't need a gun, you need Jesus

though I walk through the valleys of  shadow of death, for You Lord are with me

psalm 23:4


He'll protect you from ALL evil

got to spread the word of God , not only in church , but in your community, use this platform to uplift and inspire bro

powerful piece

ValanThia VV

Amen 🙏 God is our protector

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Yes indeed 

God is our provider and protector 

we need His guidance to withstand the oppression of hatred and evil


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Share the message to folks 

they need to hear it

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