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Luis Vargas

The devil and angel on my shoulders by: Luis V

The devil is on my right shoulder

And the angel is on my left shoulder 

Both whispering things into my ear

The devil is telling me to slit my wrist

The angel on the left is telling not to slit my wrist

I want to listen to the angel

But the devil’s voice keeps getting louder and louder

I flicked the devil off my right shoulder 

But he popped back up on my shoulder 

He told me what the fu*k was that for

I’m that one voice you need and you know

You don’t need that stupid angel

Remember that demon you have 

Remember he stabbed me

Remember he killed the other demons that were inside you

But the angel on the left side tels me

To Ignore him 

You are the temple of the Holy Spirit

You remember those days where you heard God’s gentle voice

But you drifted away from him so much that you don’t hear it anymore

I know you’ve been desiring to hear His voice

And he wants you to hear his voice 

But your life decisions are stopping you from getting closer to Him

You made the Holy Spirit sad when you cut yourself when lizzy killed herself

Now you are going on 7 years without cutting yourself

So please don't start now 

Remember those times you screamed in the shower when you were home alone

Because your wrist burned a lot

So I flicked the devil off my right shoulder

And told him not to come back

I told him I don’t want to cut my wrists anymore

I don’t want to go through that pain anymore

So I command you to leave and not to come back again

The devil is furious with me and told me this is not the last time I will see him 

I told him if you come back I’ll be ready to kick your @$$

Just try to bring my former demons with you

Remember I still have that demon that stabbed you

He got furious and left.

I told the angel thank you for everything 

But I can’t make promises that I will start praying to God again

He said just try your best to talk to your maker

He misses you and you miss Him, I see it in your eyes

He wants to repair that broken heart of yours 

And give you a new one

I cried and told him I’ll try.

I gave my angel a hug and now a peace came over me at that moment.

New Poem, I'm still deciding if I want to post it or not

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

post this poem bro

it's about expressing yourself powerfully

hold on to the peace of God

be strong, and keep writing Luis

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