Being My Self(ie)

Feeling pretty?

 Take a picture.

It's not that simple, 
So Here's the fixture.
Clean up,
Fix your hair,
Do the makeup,
Like you care.
Parents ask where your headed,
But you're not going anywhere.
Pull out the camera,
On your phone,
Take a selfie,
When you're alone.
Best way to get favorites
Is a picture of your dome.
The Filters  inkwell, and Nashville,
Will Change the color for giggles.
Some filter for their enhancement,
Some just don't like to keep it simple
Last you need a caption,
Shorter reads work the best.
Choose lyrics or quotes,
Very "unique" from the rest.
Post to instagram,
Or post to twitter.
Post it regardless,
Don't be a quitter.
The Picture is finished,
After all of which you've dealt.
It's not even you anymore,
It's a picture of someone else.


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