Being Gay In Today's Society


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Being gay in the United States is a tough situation. We are ridiculed for having a great sense of fashion. Anti-gay people say A.I.D.S. come from being a “gay” man; well I think they need to farther their education. I love being gay because I love who I am with great passion. Harvey Milk was a gay right activist, and he gave us all great inspiration. Paul Broussard was killed in Houston during a gay bashing. Gay bashing happens nation wide, even in this location. Not all LGBT people are promiscuous; some of us want a deeper attraction.

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome wasn’t originated in the “Land of the Free”. Its origin came from West Africa when the men hunted the chimpanzees. Religious people say as long as we are gay we will most definitely be thrown into the flames. I grew up having a strong head regardless of all the hateful names. I want to express my love to the highest degree. I can’t wait to pay for my marriage licenses fee. We are all human and we feel different kinds of pains. Heterosexuals screams, “corruption to children”, Oh sure us gays are to blame!


To be, or not to be, that is the question. People, who can’t be their selves, suffer from depression. I am my father’s only son and child. He feels that just because I’m gay I will become reckless and wild. That isn’t me, cant you see?  I just want true love so just let me be. Rick Santorum gives a lot of opinions about same-sex marriage; it must be his little obsession. When he was caught with a gay app, he showed society a lot of aggression. While writing this poem, I stopped and smiled. Boy ole boy I can’t wait to adopt a foster child.

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