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Health class 

Reading my life

Only a paragraph

Pages upon pages of each topic

Eating Disorders: a paragraph


Why am I ignored?

My life condensed into those few lines

Bread crumbs of dinner

Bread crumbs of few words

Starves my soul

They failed to inform us that it was more than just food

It's death



She consumes my heart beats, irregular with malnutrition

Oh if only I knew

Could this have been avoided if I learned about her in school?

She killed me slowly and I didn't fight back

Equipped with weapons? Unfortunately no.

They witnessed me withering away helplessly and hopelessly

I got an A in that class

I got an A in eating disorder

Behind typed words are the true emotions deep in depth like the writhing black sea

Discussion absent as I hold my life speech at the tip of my tongue

No big deal, just death itself.






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