behind the scenes

How would it feel if you put your bloodsweatandtears into advancing the world

And no one knew your name

No one knew how hard you tried

How many times you stayed up late in the lab getting “one last sample

Let me test this one more time”

How many times you felt endangered- like a rare breed

You may not be a biologist but you felt like you were at least Vulnerable (VU) to be wiped out


Off the top of my head, i can only name a few female scientists, you know

You know, the Marie Curie-Sally Ride-Ada Lovelace-Rosalind Frankin-Jane Goodall type

Immortalized in words and pictures

What about the rest? What about everyone else?

They just seem to be ignored and lost until many years later

(If this sounds familiar its because I’m talking about good ol’ Henrietta Lacks)


We should sing of our heroes.

Teach them to our children and put them in movies (starring whatever next Hollywood star)

Spread their stories

Because even stars die a glorious death with pomp and circumstance

But when even your high school chemistry teacher doesn’t know Dorothy Hodgekin

It can get you a little eruptive, a little reactive, a little wired

Because eruptions, reactions, and wires weren’t all made by men.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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