Behind the Scenes

I hide where everyone can see

But the harsh lights blind them

And I would hope I do too.


Who is she?

I hide at center stage

Where the words that couldn’t


Leave the security of chapped lips

Are enticed by the melody

Sweet, luxe, sincere

Bitter, harsh, hurt


I hide in the spotlight

Where I feed their eyes with the most

Wholesome bits of me

And sometimes feed the soul

But they don’t know. They think

I’m merely a performer





That turns the

Faucet for my feelings so they can finally

Be known.

I give



Preying on their ignorance

They don’t understand

I sing not for

Them but to


Every word saturated with sincerity

I’m thankful

I’m hurt

I'm glad

I’m worried

I’m fine

I’m not

I’m here

I’m sorry.

And they readily receive

Digestible when wrapped in rhythm

Tempered by tempo.

The song softens what should have been spoken

So now I don’t have to

Force it through a filter.

The raw, savage beat pulses

Thump thump thump.

It’s alive.

I am hiding

Because the daughter-student-sister-friend

Isn’t so good with words or moving

To her own melody so

She takes the


The show must go on.

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