Behind My SKIN


Behind the curtains as I stay  

 Praying and hoping for a better day,

 A day where the curtains don’t have to be my shield or protector.

A day where I can smile and have a real laughter.

See, everyone has a talent and I think mine is just standing behind that curtain.

Faking a smile ,holding my tears, and lying on how I really feel.

 Well , I feel insecure .

 Insecure cause my genetic disease

Insecure cause my 53 birthmarks all over my body.

That’s preventing the real me to come out and scream " I am beautiful!"

Insecure cause my big nose that’s lying on my face

 Insecure cause my body is not perfect enough or well shape enough

Insecure cause of my looks .

well I guess you can say I hide behind my own skin of who I’m really am.

People just say " this is just a phase" well what they don’t know, I been feeling like this since the 3rd grade

 I wish people knew the real me, not the shy Dania I pretend to be.

 The Dania that’s loud funny and outgoing.

The Dania that dances her heart out behind closed doors,

The Dania that sings when she knows she sounds terribly

 The Dania that don’t care what people think.

But behind the curtains as I remain praying and hoping for a better day

 A day where I can finally love me for me

Cherish my looks and expose who I’m supposed to be.

A day where I can smile and finally feel Free

A day where I accept how god painted me .

And that day where my insecurities won’t get the best of me


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