From Behind the Mirror

Every thought assaults me,

You're too fat

Your nose is crooked.

Why can't you look like your sister?

You've gained weight.

I look to the mirror

Begging for salvation.

None for me.

Stand tall,

Hold strong.

The mirror still looks

The mirror still admires.

Take what I have

American thighs,

Hips models dream of.

Make these me

Take these thoughts,

Put paper to pencil.

These thoughts, once out,

Will release them from my mind.

Never again ugly.

Remove it from my mind

Now on paper,

It can no longer control me.

I am free from the taunts,

The hateful words

No longer consume me.

On paper, they cannot control me.

At last I am free.

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Very beautiful poem we are all one of a kind and beautiful in our own way keep writing

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