Behind the Frosted Glass Window

I thought you could see me, behind the frosted glass window

But I am but a shadow, a faded memory

You cannot fathom my pain, you cannot understand my thoughts

I cannot define my agony into words

My memories are a haunting nightmare,

It creeps like violet smoke into my mind

It swirls, winds, and slithers in like a snake

Forcing my horror, my sorrow to wake

You say I cannot understand

You stand before me, your cuts and blood splashing like silver rain

But wipe away the frosted glass window

What eyes could hide behind humor?

What smile could lie about joy?

What soul do you see, once broken?

A heart that still beats, a heart that still bleeds

I am the silent pain, and you are the agonized shout

Look at me, I was you

You say I lie, but I know the truth

I was not alone, in my silent agony, in my struggles

I had gazed upon my reflection

All I had seen was pain; all I had seen was a trail of tears

But why the warmth?

Why the fade?

Why did the darkness of my horror become a shade?

I looked to find myself in a warm embrace

The soft feather touch of wings against my face

And the breath of hope and strength that revived my faith

So I turn to you, I’m reaching out my hand

Scars and flaws, not hidden, not bound

With a promise to help if you let me

To face the fear, face the pain

Rise above, and be whole again



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