Behind the curtains


I know that the shell I notify as a rep is a sham

that being one of them for my so called purposes is a scam

fearing the inside not speaking out of my truth

eyes blind to many meanings of life

they say im just to young that I have no stripes

striving for the excellence is it causing me to lose them or find me

I hold many illusions including my teeth

tears quench the burnings and passions of my inner

tearing myself down to be a so called winner

being an individual with the rest of the premade rebels

many of whom like i hide their face

trembling with fear that someone might catch my true grace

said to have stepped out of society but truly into clones

i stay enclosed in my mind made made of chrome

allowing myself to be close enough to see not to reach

true individualism is hiddien inside not to be preached

from behind the curtains i hope one day i will peek







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