Behind the curtain

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 14:19 -- Ocen

Curtain curtain as my veil, no one will be able to see that I'm really insane.

Hide. cover up, bury. Those are are the words I chant merrily.

disguise, confuse, delude and deceive, I'll never let the world see the real me.

Because I am ashamed, I'm not well. I dont want to be rejected agian because of what goes on in my head.

I don't like what i see in the mirror so ill dive in some 'war paint' when i put my best foot forward

Like a gremlin too afraid of his shadow to come out i scurry away at the sight of insecurity

sunlight burns vampires while vulnerability stings my soul as if it were acid

'run away love' so you wont get burried, 'run away love' i need you to hurry

my young heart is too soft to withstand the burden of uncertainty

instead of bracing the impact of the unknown i drill my head into the ground like an ostrich

'run away love' you coward of a heart, 'run away love' you've been doomed from the start

as it seems the only thing you can expect is fear and failure, they are looking you within me but don't worry i will protect us.

This mask will do nicely, dont you think, and a cloak so we can hide everything.

The uncertainty of tomorrow can no longer weigh down on you, me, us.

The vulnerabilty will not escape, i will shove it back down in my throat.

Insecurity bring it on, i will no longer flee, there's nothing to fear if you can't see me,

in broad day light i trot like a stallion, behind this mask and cloak i can be a champion.


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