Behind the Curtain


Behind this curtain is where I hide

Watching the world around me.

The artist I am, it never died

I just don't let you see.

When the paint flows free, canvas dyed

That is when I'm left to be.

It's like a case of Jekyll and Hyde

Because I'm not what you all see.

You don't understand this like I do

this curtain is for my own good.

Every day it seems so new

but I've done all I could.

The laughs, the sneers when I walk past

let the curtain hang heavy.

I always swore they'd be the last,

but yet the curtain hangs still.

"A girl," they say,

"She can't be that way"

Not once has my peer told me

To stay the way I am.

I am an artist at heart, 

An engineer in mind,

But all that's seen,

And all I'm judged on,

Is the woman they see.

"I will be an engineer"

I tell myself each day,

But slowly, slowly

My hope is fading away.

Obscured by this curtain.


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