Behind a Cracked Mask

Sun, 11/09/2014 - 21:58 -- syythe2
It is but a long and dreary night
Upon the sill of this balcony, no light
For I have lived this way for many years
And I have shed more than a thousand tears
We all have demons in which we hide
Though some of them shalst coincide
Night shall pass, and dawn shall rise
And all of which I will despise
A burning flame will light the torch
My mind fades and my heart is scorched
But none of which will kill my soul
It's not half-empty, the glass is half-full
But sometimes seeing this peace of mind
Will fail to work, and our thoughts will grind
Upon this burning torch we light
A darkened pathway, for you and I
They say "remember, remember, the 5th of November"
But my soul's still on fire, why can't they remember
That all I have gained, and all I have lost
Was in November, is it yet December?
So know this, bearer of doom
This is my life, this is my tomb
It's my request, my final plea
Nail shut the coffin and leave me be
A drape covers my body
But I cower not in warmth
I'm shielded from the hateful thoughts
That hurt me when I'm worn
A mask covers my story
But my cracks reveal it all
To them I'll never be alive
Until it's time to fall
For a torch leaves me ablaze
And my lungs, they fill with ash
This cup may stay half-full
But it will be my last


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