In a crowd of small bodies,

I see the one I know.

Every possible color blurs before my eyes;

I struggle to reach that face.

The many obstacles make it seem impossible,

Where did she go?

Watch out for the blocks! Don’t step on the unicorns!

I try to remember which color shirt was hers.

Finally, in the back of the room, sitting at the craft table,

I meet my best friend.

We play with scissors that will, on another day, get us in trouble.

More people arrive,

Will everyone fit in here?

Suddenly, it seems the day has begun.

The big person makes sure everyone is seated,

Another lady is calling out names,

I wait, ready to tell her my choice.

Finally, the words I am familiar with are spoken.

I say my decision, and wait for my gift to appear,

Surprised that I was the first to give that answer.

Perhaps she is waiting until she has learned everyone’s preference,

I convince myself the time will come.

The last response is given,

Not many people chose the same answer as me.

Will she give us all our presents now?

Why would someone pick “here” instead of “present?”

I wait patiently,

But still no present.

As she moves on,

My mind only focuses on one thing,

I want my present.

I have to tell myself that she is waiting,

After all, she wrote it all down.

Days go by,

I wait,

And wait,

And wait


For the present.


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