From The Beginning

I want to kiss you like the shore kisses the sun,

I want to touch your calm and hear your hums.

I want to engulf in you completely, 

and drown myself in your serenity. 

I want to breathe your tranquility, 

and be drawn to your prosperity.

I want glimmering glimpses the farthest from discreetly. 

I want your enchanting luring pearl gaze, 

and the ethereal beauty that leaves me in a haze. 

I want to join the rays of deception and tears, 

in hopes that your rebellious spirit will always appear. 

I want your bestowing kisses, 

and ever-changing emotional tides. 

I want your eloquent waves, 

and benevolent saves. 

You are the profoundness of the sea, 

and I am so in love with your peace. 



Imaged used:

March: Spotlight Kiss. Woodcut by Wilhelm List, Ver Sacrum, 1903.

This poem is about: 


Skye Fuller

This is so soft and lovely. I love the image you chose to accompany it. It's so perfect I find myself wondering which came first? :) 

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