Beg for Mercy, On Your Knees

I want to be strong.

I want to be pretty.

I want to be heard.

Someone will always have what we want,

but cherishing what we have is the best thing to own.

I always thought,

and thought.

I thought to be perfect,

I had to be someone I was not.

But, someone finally had me realize that I had to be myself.

To be perfect...

I had to be myself.

Not another person,

but myself.

I had to embrace my flaws,

Show the true me,

and avoid those that alway put me down,

or those I once called "friends".

I got fed up,


and exasperated

from everyone always bringing me down,

calling me names,

and speading rumors about me.

One day, they will experiece how they treated me.

All they did was treat me like trash.

One day, it will hit them,

And them will never see it coming.

Like a bomb hidden in a building.

They will regret how they treated me.

It will come and have them begging on their knees for mercy.

But this time, I will have no mercy.

Instead, I will enjoy the show,

and watch them suffer individuals,

like how they made me suffer,

and made me think that they were my real friends.

When in reality, they knew they were never my friends, 

they were just strangers who were trying to attack me.

They were nothing more but a traitor,

villian, invader, and a murderer.

They did nothing but watch the old me die,

and the new me become someone they became afraid of.

They made me become who I really was.

And that was.... their worst enemy.


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