Blasting from a speaker is the manic symphony
Sadness in a TV tube
Siphoning from me
I wish I was a better friend
I wish that this brain would mend
I wish I was a skeleton
Then maybe I could clear my head

Ebbing are emotions
Ceasing like the tide
Burning like the confusion I always try to hide
It is not fair
I should not be
So wishy washy
I never seem
To get a grip
To let it happen
Take the step
Wish I could just be her's today
Wish I could just be her's to stay.

I wish I was a macho man
I wish I had a God to plan
I wish I had a fucking clue
I wish I knew if me or you
From me to you
From me to you
From me to you
I'll pay my dues
I've never been this down before
I've never been this up before
I've never felt like something more
I've never felt like such a bore
I feel like such a fucking wretch
I am so goddamned innocent
I have no fucking confidence
I don't know what should I expect?

In the swiftly falling rain
It chills the bones
And yet inside I feel the same
The love is warm
It flows and swells and numbs the pain
But pain won't go
It's clinging to me all the same.

But not when I
Feel the warmth of her embrace
But not when I
Am pressing up against her face
But not when I
Am laying with her in my room
But not when I
Feel like she knows what she don't know


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