The only substance by which I shall by intoxicated is that of your grace.

The only mark I shall leave of your body is a champagne tinted imprint of my lips of your cheek.

His words were velvet as they spew promises unkept.


His lips are pressed against hers, not that of my own

leaving behind an imprint of his lips;

basking in the aroma of his last sip.


Yet my subconscious is meek;

and each word seemed to be truth as if from God.

For my love of you overshadowed my longing to escape.


Truth came shining through our bedroom window 

as I found of your encounter.

Only then I knew I could stay no longer.


Years pass with the tick of a tock

since him I know I have found new love;

I have found my first true love.

My life, my sweetness, my rock,

has shown me once again that love is trust.


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