Because You Loved Me First

Fri, 10/27/2017 - 01:11 -- Yunicu



Love kills is what they said
kills those inside who live inside me
That person who continues loving me
For being me

No matter what is thrown at him
Hatred, hurt, anger
Rabid emotions that puts me in danger
Danger as I dug a grave for myself
His unending love for me prevails
Pulls me back towards a safe haven

Tough as iron, strong as a bear
Nothing seems to break him
But he breaks me
Inside out

My facade fades away
I cry at night
Beg for him to stay
Beg for forgiveness
Beg for mercy
Even if I don't deserve it
He still loves me endlessly
As I love him more
More than ever before
For him staying by my side
“I love you”

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