Because of You

I was only 16 when I met you. I was a naiive little girl.

I wasn't looking for you, but you found me.

When you did, you made me a better me.

You healed me, both pysically and mentally.

You fed me parts of your soul.

You gave me a shower, cleaning me of all my wounds.

You gave me a place to sleep, letting me rest my worring thoughts.

You did this everyday, everyday until I could feed myself.

Unitl I could shower without my wounds bleeding. Every now and again, when my

wounds opened up, you'd bandage them up for me.

Until I could sleep soundlessley through out the night.

You did all of this because you love me. You healed me, and now I'm okay. 

I'm okay because of you, I'll work the rest of my life trying to heal you & me

because I love you.


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