Because of you

My hands are shaking 
Gasping to breathe 
I had to run 
To be alone 
So no one sees 
How I feel 
My heart thumping so fast 
Everything closing in on me 
The darkness growing 
I can feel it inside me emerging all around me 
Pacing back and forth 
Not wanting things to go the way they once were 
Not okay anymore 
Hurting all over 
Never realized how much of an effect you had on me 
Scared that we will never be 
Never felt these things before 
I just can't seem to shake off these feelings 
That you've left me 
A pit in the bottom of stomach 
No one can release this feeling 
This feeling that only you can take away 
So I hide in my corner 
Shaking and finally grasping what you've done to me 
Making me feel sick with hatred 
Of wanting you 
Im scared of losing you 
For someone else to have you 
I never wanted anything as much as I wanted you 
So I'm stuck with this overwhelming feeling 
Not knowing what to do 
I hate you 
Because you make it so hard to breathe 
I tried so hard to fight it 
To not like you 
But you made me fall anyway 
So my mind is in a mist of confusion 
Trying to catch my breath 
From all the air you sucked out of me 
Because of you 
I hate you 
Trying to make me jealous, 
For making me feel this way
Because of you 
You make my laugh louder 
Make me smile brighter 
Make me love talking to you 
All because of you 
I will never be the same 
Guide that inspired this poem: 


John Aceto

It is a beautiful poem to me

it reminds me of my pain, this is just about how I feel about my love

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