Because Love Is

Because of love…

when I see the sky at night,

            I do not see a single star,

            I see a sea of bright lights:


Because of love, I still try

            To see the glass half full

            To dream of a future full of life

To cherish and love every second of every day of every life.


Because I love you,

            I strive to make you happy

            To ease your pain

            To see and love all of you

And be the one to lift you when your feet cannot.


Because I love myself,

            I know not to hide the marks on my skin

            Or the thorns you bred around my heart

            Or let my sanity slip right through my fingers

For you or anyone.


Because if you truly loved me,

            You would try your best never to hurt me

            To never leave me beaten and bruised

            In any place (seen or unseen)


And most of all to love me for me,

Like I do for you.


I will stand,

I will hope,

I will fight,

All for love


Because there was life before you.

I could once breathe without pain

And now know there is more to love than just you.


I made a promise to love before you,

            To cherish and see everything

            With love in my heart

And if I cannot bear to see you with love

Then I must turn elsewhere.


If you cannot love me

Without hurting me,

Then I cannot stay

And remain true to myself.


I may leave with a punctured heart

But a still beating one…

Because I know now that love is bigger than you

And even me.



This is beautiful. I love the format.

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