Because I love youPlagues my

Because I love you

Plagues my heart,

From just one kiss,

I was yours from the start. 

Because i love you

The words that made me stay

I needed your love

Like an artist needs his clay.

But your love was pain.

The more i hurt, 

The more it all felt the same.

I was the piece,

Of your decieving mind games.

Love hurts, 

and then you let go,

You tore me apart 

and threw me to the wolves. 

How did my world of color,

become so grey,

How far did i let my soul stray.

A broken heart never felt so cold, 

Who was i without my girl of gold. 

A broken young boy,

Emotions played like a childs toy,

The heart that once oozed with joy,

is just a glimpse of the past.

A faded memory I never thought would last.

The infatuation of an idea,

That you could be mine,

All of the love i felt,

just wasted time. 

"Why would you hurt me?",

Because i love you.




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