because i love you, too

The hurt from words is the worst ever thing

When comes from your “love” it really can sting

The worst thing they can tell you

Is, it really is you

Because you want them to explain

Why they feel no pain,

Because to them you didn’t matter

was it my constant chatter?”

So many reasons they could have left

But was it just you, and not them?

This doesn’t make sense, can’t they see

To lose a relationship so blindly

They were not the one, nor were they two

Because if you didn’t hurt I wouldn’t have found you

After so long, I too have been hurting

But I am now done searching

Your speaking and your skills

Your passion and your will

 so many things that make you

 the perfect you

I look to that, to find the bar

To measure myself, for the love in your heart

Why I am with you, I’ll give a clue

For every reason that I love you

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