Because I love you, I cant say goodbye

With her came a voice, a voice full of joy.

As if she was granted a brand new toy.

I gazed in her eyes, full of affection.

Sadly for me, I saw just my reflection.

A smile of joy I could not see past,

the hole in her heart was created to last.

She was beaten and battered and cut from within,

But I couldn’t see past her beautiful skin.


All her secrets she tried to conceal

She tried to prevent the horrid reveal

We thought she was perfect, we saw just the surface

We didn’t see she had lost her purpose

She couldn’t see the love in her life,

So she decided it was time to take the knife

She cut through her skin, she would not stop

Without the help of her mother, who wouldn’t let her drop.

Her voice was faint, you could hear her cry

“Why, I just wanted to die”

A mother in tears, she could not comply

“Because I love you, I can not say goodbye”


This is the feeling that love entails

It is looking inside for the smallest details.

Love is helping each other in times of need

It is looking for the best, but without any greed.

It's the voice that is calling you from inside,

That protects us all from suicide.

Love is seen as just a word

But is protected as a magnificent lord.


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