Because I love you, I

Because I love you, I let you change me bit ny bit.
Because I love you, the past I never forget,-

I allow you to relive every bad decision I ever made,
and I feel deserving of this punishment all becsuse you stayed. -

I love you because, your the only person left in my life,
I isolated myself just to be your wife.-

I took your words like daggers and cried myself to sleep,
Burried all my confidence, suffocating in the endless reep. -

I love you because, I let you use me then throw me to the pest. Then I open up instantley as soon as you want the rest.-

I let you by with murder, just to make amends for all the wrong.
But 3 years of your resistance , ensuring my weakness to keep you strong. -

I birthed your 2 children and became the mother you wont admit
You push me to my limits and somehow, I never quit. -

You make me feel like Im not capeable of someones true love in return
You laugh at my ideas and you tell me all this pain was conflicted and the revenge im continuing to earn. -

you drive away any smile I try to make. I love you because ive actually given you what you tried to take.-

I love you because I still want to try again every morning that I wake. And everything that you inflict, strengthens my tolerance for the ache-


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