Because I love YOU and you love ME


United States

I will hold the door for you because I love you.

I will call you everyday and smile at you through the screen

And watch your blurry white teeth smile back at me


And YOU!,

Because I love you,

I know what the twitch of your nose means

And I know how to make the twitch appear


I cannot forget about you my darling girl,

I know you will come into my room at night,

When the house rumbles with thunder

And I know in the morning we will laugh


My sweet boy,

I will give you food I know you are not allowed to eat

And I will continue to talk to you and

I will always miss you the most while I’m away


And to you my dear, because you love me,

you will not touch my hair unless I give you permission

you understand what I’m thinking when I am quiet

and sometimes you will not but you will not



You all meander in my heart

Because this is all love.



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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