Because I love you.

Because I love you, I allow you to hurt me and to break me down until I’m not myself anymore. Because I love you, I accept being treated less than what I am worth. I accepted your flaws.. the lying.. the cheating.. well because.. I love you. And I wanted you to love me so bad that I would take anything you did because I was so in love with the idea of loving you.. But as the days went on and my crying continued, I started to realize that you weren’t treating me as the Black Queen that I am. You were so use to me accepting the things you did, that instead you started to treat me like a peasant. And baby? I am no peasant. I am a queen. A Black Queen that finally deserves to love herself. Cause honey if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? So enough of accepting anything because I love you. I believe that it is time that I love me. You 

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