because i love you

because i love you, baby, i will hold your hand.

keep your heart in my pocket and my feet in the sand,

with the angels in winter and the dresses in snow

in the songs that you sing when i'm driving slow.


i'll listen, not just hear

you are a bird, my dear.

your wings are broken

i can't mend them

but i can hold my hands right here.


because i love you, i won't kiss you because i feel alone.

i won't touch you, i won't break you,

even though that's all i've known.


you say you're messed up, beat down, and tattered,

you're smudged, you're filthy, you're shattered.

i was the same not too long ago

i felt that i never mattered.


but i see light when you walk by me

and the world smiles when you laugh like that.

i wish the songs i listen to were half as beautiful

as a boy like that. 


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