Because I Love You


“Because I Love You!”

By: Amazongrace Eliu


When I look into your eyes, I want to see love not lies

I want to feel like I am your number One mate, and the

girl you think of when you kneel down and pray.

A Man of God is what I want, Because I know that

We will be stronger with God always in front

If you give me your Loyalty, I’ll treat you like Royalty

It’s all Because I Love You!


You are my Prince and I’m your Princess, Our love for

Each other goes on and on like the details on my pink dress

It’s important that we communicate so we’re on the same page,

Or it’s gonna go down like two Gorillas in a cage

Respect is what I’ll give but I’ll need it in return,

If it isn’t used then it's something that we’ll both have to learn

It's all “Because I Love You”


Your smile is what brightens my day,

the love we share makes us run out of words to say

Trust is what we’ll need,

in order for our relationship to succeed

As we work as a team,

Together we’ll be able to conquer our dreams

I’ll have your back even when we say “I Do”

No matter the trials and tribulations we go through

It’s all “Because I Love You”


I’ll mean it when I say, “til death do us part”

Because you’re the One I’ll forever keep in my Heart

As we stand at the altar and plant our first kiss as Mr. & Mrs

A bubble of applause and cheering dehisces

Now we’re a team forever

Let all the problems come, it won’t be an issue,

Because we’ll face them together

It’s all “Because We Love Each Other” <3


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