Because I Love You..

The putrid smell of alcohol that stains the rug,

and a chilling feeling up my spine erupts with a tug.

I look up to you with a petrified gaze,

an angered yell comes out with your drunken blaze.

Because I love you, I tiptoe through the halls.

As I hoped the quiet wouldn't make its' awakening calls.

Because I love you, I make sure to behave,

and to deny any questionable message that my friends and family members gave. 

Because I love you, I stoop low to make you shine, 

even though you hurt me in a way a punch can't sometimes.

Because I love you, I hold onto memories in my head.

Although, all of those memories are better off dead.

Because I love you, I let you warm my skin with a blow

even when sometimes I don't want to though. 

It's because I love you, I found true love.

Or is it a fairytale I didn't want to dream of?



This poem is about: 
My community


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