Because I love You

Because I love you,

I know how to forgive.

At times, rather than yelling,

I decide to let you live.

I remember your heart

And how much it loves,

Your kindness and care

Keeps me floating above.

Because I love you,

We both can laugh.

We tease one another and

Then deal with the wrath.

Smiles and giggles that

Can melt any heart,

You make my heart swoon

With jokes about fart.

Because I love you,

I am comfortable and free.

I let you see things hidden

Deep inside of me.

Around you I forget how to

Be shy and scared,

Even when my eyes are leaking

And my nose is flared.

Because I love you,

Our music can thrive.

Every love song we make

Inspires love to come alive.

The lyrics we create

Are always real,

Emotional and passionate

Representing how we feel.

Because I love you,

I know you love me.

It's wrapped in what you do

That makes me happy.

I see it in what you do,

I hear it in what you say,

Your heart beats for mine

And it's here to stay.

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