Because I Love You

I can see you are not fine,

Even when you say so

You are hurting

Very badly


Your heart is bleeding out

From the exhaustion, the little

Pricks of pain hat bursts in your aching heart

You are draining piece by piece as if you can crumble

Here right now with that heavy heart of yours that loves deeply

Rest by me, I will be there for you,

Protect you and hold you close

To me and I openly embrace

you forever here, always

So believe in me

When I say

I do this

Because I love you


You are not alone in this

I am holding your hand through

This path that we are walking

On. I can't promise that things

Will always be perfect, but

I will give you all that I

Can for you, us, to blossom

As we continue to walk

On this path of flowers, dirt,

Dead leaves, green grass, colors of

The world that we both live in

I will deeply cherish this

Path that you and I have built

I still choose to walk with you,

Walk on our path, our life; us

Over and over again

No matter the number of lives

That you and I have lived

I could be wealthy

In happiness, spending, luxuries,

But what would it all be,

If I didn’t have you?

My soul would never complete

Without you

Because I love you


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