Because I love you

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 23:00 -- edcombs

Three in the morning.

Cracks in her blinds allow

orange glow from street lamps

and tendrils of frigid autumn air

to seep through,

tug me back into consciousness.


Shivering, pressing my body

flush against hers-

hoping I don’t wake her, but trying

to pull at least some

of the blankets my way –

she rolls over suddenly and I lie

perfectly still,

afraid that she is awake

and I’ve ruined it.


Her limbs languidly readjusting covers,

she rests her arm over my torso,

places a tired, dry kiss on my cheek.



I nod.

Good. I just wanted-

She yawns.

-to make sure.

I nod again, smiling in the darkness.

Because I love you. 

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