Because I Love You

The worst betrayals come from someone you trust the most

Someone you poured your heart into

Someone who promised they wouldn’t hurt you

I told myself this was love.

Let you break me apart and kick me to the curb

Because I love you

I stopped spamming you with messages

I stopped because you found it annoying

Because I love you.

I let myself believe this was love

I had to leave but I couldn’t

 Because I love you

I stepped on shattered glass for you

Sharp bloody glass never frighten me as much as your love without you

Because I love you

I tried not to notice how you didn’t have feelings for me anymore

You made it clear at times

Pushing me away

You broke your promise to me

Even when you swore you never would

You broke our promise.

And I know

I'm letting you go

No longer waiting for your good night text

No longer wishing upon the stars for your love

You made me forget I was worthy of love

You had taken my last hope.

I’m leaving you like you left me

Because that’s how you loved me.




-Alejandra Ibanez


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