Because I Love You

Only a few people in this world

have I chosen to expose myself to.

Yet we met, and I unfurled,

and with you, my heart flew.


Everyday with you fuels me

to go on and live, because of you.

Everyday I wake up, full of glee

for one reason: because I love you.


Because I love you, a door has opened,

one that finds comfort in our love.

A possibility that I never noted

came to fit me like a satin glove.


My heart burns with the affection

that I harbor when I see your eyes.

There's a special type of connection

that helps to create unbreakable ties.


Yet, despite my unwavering adoration,

times are sometimes not so poetic.

It fills us with grief and frustration,

not letting us be very empathetic.


We get wrapped up in our tornadoes,

with whirling winds of hot emotions,

that will make us erupt like volcanoes.

and flood us with painful oceans.


Though because I love you, we always,

always, come back to each other.

Not because we can't go our seperate ways,

but because we want to recover.


We work things out; we always do.

For you are my best friend, 

and I will always come through

like you would for me till the end.


A question you often like to ask

is what love is, and what it means to me.

It is unconditional, healing, not a task,

and understanding, is what love should be. 


I don't know what the future holds

for the fate of you and I, 

but the love that I have for you unfolds,

what love means to me: it means to try.


However, I don't have to try too hard

because the joy of us together is true.

So to you, only you, I put down my guard,

because, in my heart, I will always love you.


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