Because I Love You

I was content

I was a wide-eyed girl full of love

I was independent

I was more than enough

I was focused and my heart was tough

Until I met you

You gave me a little push and a little shove

And knocked me off my feet and from there on out, you became my blue


My favorite color

Although it is associated with sorrow and depression,

I see the world through a blue lens and I would never want to love another

Blue skies and blue oceans are my obsession

Just like you, my one and only blessin'

I was already complete but you are the cherry on top

You always teach me new things and help me embrace my imperfections.

You are my love, my best friend, my other half and I never want this love to stop


Because I love you

I will always check up on you and ask you how your day is

Because I love you

I will always care for you unconditionally 

Because I love you 

I will always trust you

Because I love you 

I will always compliment you 

Because I love you 

I will always love you for you 

And because you love me, 

I know you will do the same for me too



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