Because I love you,

I’ll keep my attitude in check

Treat you with the utmost respect.

Tell you the truth, encourage you

To do your best.

Because I love you,

I’ll scream it from the rooftops, every balcony and pier

Let you have your space, even when I wish you were near.

When we drive in the car, and the radio blasts

I look to my right, make sure your seat belt is attached

Because I love you, and I want you safe.

When you don’t want me around, and say you need your space

I take step back, I don’t give chase.

When those other kids hang around

I keep my cool, because I know it’s not only me

Who you hang around at school.

You have your friends and I have mine,

And since we love each other we always make time

To be together.

I have to admit, it might be tough.

To make it work, we can’t give up

We can’t push or pull, just compromise.

And even when you get cheeky and steal my fries,

I just sit back and laugh, give you a smile.

Because I love you,

Everything you do just drives me wild.

In the best sort of way,

I will be there for you anytime or day.

And when I see you walking towards me,

A smile crosses my face.

This I know to be true

I love you, for you.



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