Beauty.Is it defined by



Is it defined by the magnitude of a scar
Or any of the shit I went through just to get this far??
Hatred, disgust, angst, fear
Soaring through my brain
Penetrating even the depths of my mind
Clouding the image I see as I glare into the mirror
Everything disappears
Yet the scar still remains
Much much clearer.

Raging thoughts of negativity peak
Harmful hatred
Detrimental disgust
Anxiety driven angst
Foolish fears
Piercing through the barriers of my eyes
Exposing the weakness hidden inside
My strength as a grownup collides with the innocence of my inner child
Unable to hold my head high, I rely on my body to provide something that coincides with my mind's image of acceptable....



Anyone who has ever felt insecure about the way they look or feel goes through all the emotions that you describe in this poem. I think the best line is "My strength as a grownup collides with the innocence of my inner child" because as we grow up we try to be strong, but as we grow up we also seem to find more things that we are self conscious of, so there is a never-ending cycle.

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